Consultant Led Haemodialysis service:A dialysis and Intensive care specialist nurse will be conducting the procedure which is directly supervised by a consultant nephrologist attending the session. Sessions will carefully tailored to the patient clinical condition and needs ensuring the most optimized clinical outcomes.

 Patients who wish to have their dialysis at night while asleep, can have this service. This has numerous benefits, including allowing them to work during the day, it also has the benefit of allowing more liberty for fluid and food intake.


Blood tests will be withdrawn on dialysis and analysed and reported to your consultant who will take actions accordingly

We can provide portable dialysis for you when you travel to anywhere in the world. This is using NxStage system supervised by a consultant and an Intensive care nurses.

Will be available to transfer patients to hospital in cases of emergency.

Medications Prescriptions and Delivery: 
Medicines will be prescribed and delivered to your own home address. 

We maintain its longevity, including dialysislines or aretrio-venous fistulae. When issues occur we coordinate the care with 

When fit and wishing to have a transplant Optimizing patients for kidney transplantation: When fit and wishing to have a transplant

Other Medical Services

We provide comprehensive review of your kidney health. In patients with chronic kidney disease we can evaluate the origin of the illness and treat to ensure either stopping progression to end-stage kidney disease or cure the condition back to normal kidney function

We can prepare patients with advanced chronic kidney disease or patients on dialysis for kidney transplantation, as well as fully prepare their donors for the procedure. After the transplantation is carried out in the appropriate hospital, we will receive the patient back for follow up

We provide respiratory consultations for patients with acute or chronic lung conditions. We also provide lung function tests, and non-invasive ventilation support for patients with chronic obstructive airway disease.

We provide diagnostic as well as therapeutic options for cancer patients, including administration of chemotherapy with close follow up of patients before and after each dose.

We provide Haematology consultations as well as bone marrow biopsies and treatments for various haematological conditions.

Consults are available. We can arrange for various investigations for stomach and bowel conditions. In cases where endoscopies become necessary, we can fast track these tests into appropriate hospital under our consultant direct care.

We can provide a hospice service at home supported by a palliative care consultant and palliative specialist nurses to ensure complete comfort of terminally ill patients.

We can provide cardiology consultant review, as well as various cardiology investigations including ECGs, 24 hours cardiac monitoring tape (HOLTER Monitor) and  Pace Maker checks.

Neurology consultant review at home as well as provision of various infusions of immune modulating agents, neurolo-physiological investigations and lumbar punctures.

Our Dermatology consultants will review patients and provide various investigations at home including skin biopsies and provide treatment as well as minor procedures when required

Include one to one nursing care at various level of nursing grades from registered nurses to specialist nurses of various specialties including intensive care nurses for patients who are at risk of potential deterioration.

Comprehensive review for diabetic patients, including blood glucose control, check for risks of cardiovascular, eyes and kidney diseases related to diabetes and ensure they are either primarily prevented or help slow down the deterioration of these organs.

We ensure monitoring of blood pressure and aim to control it to help stopping end-organ damage including cardiovascular , strokes and kidneys complications. We also help ruling out any secondary causes for the elevated blood pressure and help reversing it when possible.

A nutritionist will design comprehensive program tailored to patients’ needs.

To help rehabilitation which in turn improves patients well being, prognosis and longevity

In patients with difficulty in swallowing, our specialists will help assess risks and design measures that prevent complications.

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